Xiang Dai


I'm a final year PhD student from the University of Sydney working on computational linguistics, supervised by Dr Sarvnaz Karimi, Dr Ben Hachey and Dr Cecile Paris. Most of the time, I also do research at Data61's Language and Social Computing team.

My research interests mainly focus on information extraction in the biomedical domain. Some concrete problems I have worked on include: recognizing complex (discontinuous, overlapping) entities [ACL-SRW 18,ACL 19,ACL 20]; pretraining domain-specific models [NAACL 19,EMNLP 20]; data augmentation for low-resource NLP [COLING 20]; detecting adverse drug events from social media text [ALTA 17].

I look like this.




dai (dot) xiang (dot) au (at) gmail.com
dai (dot) dai (at) csiro.au


Also, you can find me from , Google scholar, Semantic scholar.